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Welcome to our e-shop, we have lots of IT products, hardwares and softwares to meet your needs and requirements!
Business Solutions

Business Software solutions
The use software applications to manage documentations and data processing offers a short terms solution to management, when documents and data built-up over the long term customized business software provides a more reliable and effective solution to managing day to day operational and functional processes.

Custom Solutions

Design and development of custom solutions
We work closely with our client and users to define the functional specifications documentation for the system. GUI are thorougly walked-thru with the end-users to ensure a shorter learning curve and better user acceptance.

Going Green with our solutions

The paperless concept
In order to encourage our client and users to go Green for the sake of the Global environment, we incorporate many customized features that are environmentally friendly. Reports and printouts are delivered in e-paper format such as PDF.

Our Solutions

We specializes in Custom and OpenSource ERP/CRM/HRM - webERP, FrontAccounting, OpenERP...

Our solutions are uniquely designed and developed
from the management and users perspective, so that the look and feel are custom to our client taste and liking. Our solutions includes:
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